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Colorado Trail at Kenosha Pass II

8″ x 10″ Oil
Martha uses only top professional grade oil paints on a prepared support of at least 3/8-ths inch thickness (only rarely does she use a stretched canvas because when painting en plain air, light shines through a canvas where it does not penetrate a board).  Her boards may be of composite, or birch, and a few will have a linen surface.  She creates the majority of her boards herself, purchasing birch at a local high quality lumber yard, cutting them to size and preparing their surfaces usually with PVA Size.

The Colorado Trail at Kenosha Pass is one of Martha’s all time favorite hikes in the Rockies when the leaves change color in late September.  She painted this oil by first blocking in shapes with color, added a few details, then scraped the painting from top to bottom with a plastic card, a method inspired by one of her favorite Colorado artists, Quang Ho.

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