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Close Encounter

8″ x 10″ Watercolor Batik

These beautiful paintings are created on fine Japanese rice papers (the thicknesses of which are only between 11 – 34 gauge), instead of fabric, which is used in traditional batiks.  Additionally, watercolors are used instead of dyes, with a wax resist, allowing beautiful translucent colors (along with rich vibrant hues which are built up with multiple layers of watercolor), to show throughout the paintings.  This method of painting takes about five times the amount of time it would take to create a standard watercolor painting.

An artist friend who, on a hike in Dubois, WY, spotted a mother grizzly and cubs, quickly shot several photos of his subject prior to being detected and chased by the mother bear herself.  Protecting his camera and lens as he jumped off a 20 foot cliff and rolled in animal dung on the steep hillside below, he survived to tell his tale and shared his photos with Martha, giving her permission to paint from them.

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