My inspiration for Growing Wild was a small group of wild daisies I found while walking through a field at a Wyoming ranch, after a rainstorm. I love the way that they are twisting to face the sun.  I experimented with using a different paper behind the rice paper while doing this painting. Usually I use freezer paper, but when doing a painting this size I need a few rows of the freezer paper , and then tape them together.  This taping causes a seam that I need to delicately work over when batiking and painting.  So this new paper, which is archival and acid-free,  came in a larger sheet that I thought would be perfect for the surface on which I would place rice paper for a batik painting.  Well….it seemed to work perfectly until  it came time to take the painting off of the background paper.  I could not separate the painting from the paper!  I tried using the blow dryer to softly melt some of the wax in an effort to release the  papers from each other, but then the painting adhered even more strongly to the background paper.  So, I decided to cut the background paper, to the size of the painting and frame it all together!