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While in Steamboat Springs

While in  Steamboat Springs with friends in August, I saw a beautiful humming bird flitter in and out of flowers at the entrance to my friend’s home.  I obtained several blurry photos of the bird, but was able to compose this painting from them.  I so enjoy painting a variety of subject matter.  Last month while I was at the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation Workshop in Dubois, Wyoming, I made several studies for paintings from which I plan on creating new paintings.   Next weekend, October 24th, I will have my first solo art show!  I am very excited about this.  It will be at the Eliz’ Collection Fine Art gallery, 975 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado from 6-9 pm.

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Red Ginger

I photographed these red ginger while on the Big Island of Hawaii. The high key and deep value of the flowers were challenging to achieve, as they took several layers of reds, oranges, and pinks to come out so well.  Their contrast to their complimentary green leaves creates a very dynamic painting.

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White Swan

Continuing with my  series of 10 x 8″ paintings, I recently painted this lovely white swan.  I was so pleased with the pastel color harmony, I decided to paint a larger version, 16 x 12 inches!.   The gace and peacefulness of this beautiful bird bring calm and consciousness to my soul.  I find both of the paintings very pleasing to my eye, and will reproduce the 10 x 8 inch painting in my new notecard series.

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Birds of Paradise

Just like my batik of the Red Ginger, this painting was also inspired by the beautiful flora of Hawaii. I have been painting a series of 8 x 10 ” and 10 x 8″ paintings recently.  I am planning a trip to Hawaii in two months bringing one son with me from Colorado to see his brother who is living and working in Hawaii right now.

I am getting excited about showing my sons around Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii and went through some of my photographs from my past few visits there.  A photo of Birds of Paradise caught my attention and I decided to paint from it.  This is what I came up with !

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Dawn Breaking on the Flatirons

My son, who attends the University of Colorado, Boulder, recently sent me a photograph he took at dawn, from a Boulder County hilltop looking toward the flatirons. This photo was my inspiration for “Dawn Breaking on the Flatirons. I love how the wax droplets sugest stars in the early morning sky.  He will soon be graduating and my visits to Boulder will surely diminish but I will continue to visit there and hike at Chataqua Park and other trails accessible from Boulder.

This painting is 20 x 30 inches (framed and matted it is 29 x 39 inches).  I am starting a series of paintings that will be 8 x 10 inches in size, which will challenge me in the application of my wax.

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I came across this beautiful Heliconia rostrada while in Hawaii recently, while I was in the islands helping one of my sons get settled there, for a new job.  So many exotic plants with gorgeous colors  and shapes can be found in Polynesia, I feel fortunate to have accompanied my son to the islands, for at least a little while.  Although I grew up on Oahu and visited most of the Hawaiian islands at that time, returning as an artist opened my eyes to so many potential landscapes, as well as close ups of the flora, that I would like to paint.

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My inspiration for Growing Wild was a small group of wild daisies I found while walking through a field at a Wyoming ranch, after a rainstorm. I love the way that they are twisting to face the sun.  I experimented with using a different paper behind the rice paper while doing this painting. Usually I use freezer paper, but when doing a painting this size I need a few rows of the freezer paper , and then tape them together.  This taping causes a seam that I need to delicately work over when batiking and painting.  So this new paper, which is archival and acid-free,  came in a larger sheet that I thought would be perfect for the surface on which I would place rice paper for a batik painting.  Well….it seemed to work perfectly until  it came time to take the painting off of the background paper.  I could not separate the painting from the paper!  I tried using the blow dryer to softly melt some of the wax in an effort to release the  papers from each other, but then the painting adhered even more strongly to the background paper.  So, I decided to cut the background paper, to the size of the painting and frame it all together!

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