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Fine Art Painter

How I Grew Into An Award Winning Fine Artist

Path to Art

Blending the ancient art of batik—which I learned at age 11, in the Hawaiian islands— with modern watercolor applications, I’m innovating the new artistic method of Watercolor Batik® on the finest Japanese rice papers.

My career into art was not a direct path. After being named a Rhodes Scholar National Finalist, I graduated magna-cum-laude from Harvard University and then pursued a career in medicine.

After many years of working in the medical world, I felt myself being pulled by my passion for art. I was already an accomplished watercolor artist, when I became inspired to combine watercolor with the textile dying technique of batik (a wax resist dying method). I now specialize in this unique process, while continuing to paint in oils and traditional methods of watercolor.

Inspiration for all of my paintings comes from my hikes in the Rocky Mountains, Hawaiian mountain trails, and national parks. Local, national and international travel also is evident in my fine art paintings.

Style & Quality

     Watercolor Batik® on Rice Paper

     After seeing an unusual art piece in a show, created in the method I’m calling Watercolor Batik® (this term includes using a wax resist technique of watercolor painting on fine rice papers), I was inspired to try this technique of painting myself. Now, specializing in this unique process. My batiks have been published in many books, have won awards & I’ve been commissioned to create originals by art appreciators.

 Oils & Traditional Watercolors

Continuing to enjoy painting traditional oils & watercolors in a representational style, I’m also moving into non-objective work.  Plein air painting is one of my favorite ways to paint,–capturing the subtle color changes of the ever shifting light.